The report on human rights foresight identifies threats faced by human rights actors


Human Rights Centre

The Human Rights Centre's report on human rights foresight maps the field of human rights foresight and offers tools for developing human rights actors' foresight capabilities and resilience. The report also outlines different human rights scenarios placed in 2040 and assesses the impacts of megatrends on human rights regulation. The report is now published in English.

The report on human rights foresight, resilience and preparedness during transformations in society identifies threats faced by human rights actors. By preparing for these threats, it is possible to strengthen the resilience and independence of human rights actors. 

In addition to the national human rights actors, the report discusses the level of individuals, the structures of the rule of law, civil society and international cooperation with regard to strengthening preparedness and resilience. The report focuses especially on the situation in Finland, but it also has international dimensions.


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