EU Fundamental Rights Agency - Publications

Fundamental Rights Agency - Publications

Roma women in nine EU Member States (5.4.2019)

ReportApril2019Despite efforts by the European Union (EU) and its Member States to reduce gender inequalities among citizens of Roma origin, important gender differences persist. Drawing on FRA’s own survey research in nine EU Member States this report highlights the position of Roma women in education, employment and health, as well as the extent to which they experience hate-motivated discrimination, harassment and physical violence.

Beyond the peak: challenges remain, but migration numbers drop (27.3.2019)

PaperMarch2019This report looks into the fundamental rights situation of asylum applicants and beneficiaries of international protection in the EU throughout 2018. It pulls together the main issues identified in FRA’s regular updates on fundamental rights related to asylum, migration and borders in selected EU Member States, which the agency has been publishing since September 2015.

Antisemitism Summary overview of the situation in the European Union 2001-2007 (updated version January 2008) (21.3.2019)

PaperJanuary2008The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights presents in this paper the fourth brief update of its 2004 extensive report "Manifestations of anti-Semitism in the European Union". The overview contains the latest governmental and non-governmental statistical data covering 2001 to 2007 for those EU Member States that have official or unofficial data and statistics on anti-Semitic incidents.

Activities of the EUMC in 2005 (12.3.2019)

Annual reportJune2006This report provides an account of the activities and achievements of the EUMC in 2005.

Experiences and perceptions of antisemitism - Second survey on discrimination and hate crime against Jews in the EU - Summary (10.3.2019)

SummaryMarch2019This summary outlines the main findings of FRA’s second survey on Jewish people’s experiences with hate crime, discrimination and antisemitism in the European Union – the biggest survey of Jewish people ever conducted worldwide.

Style guide for authors - 2019 edition (28.2.2019)

OtherFebruary2019This style guide provides tips to help authors writing for the FRA to write engagingly, clearly and in a suitable style.

Who will (not) get to vote in the 2019 European Parliament elections? (26.2.2019)

PaperFebruary2019The right to vote is at the heart of what it means to live in a democratic society. However, legislation sets out a number of restrictions on this right. With a view to the European Parliament elections in 2019, this paper presents developments in the situation of the right to vote for people deprived of legal capacity in the EU.

Migration: Key fundamental rights concerns - Quarterly bulletin 1 (18.2.2019)

PaperFebruary2019The EU Agency for Fundamental Rights has been regularly collecting data on migration since November 2015. This report focuses on the fundamental rights situation of people arriving in Member States and EU candidate countries particularly affected by large migration movements.

Working with Roma: Participation and empowerment of local communities - Summary (21.1.2019)

SummaryJanuary2019This summary report presents the key findings of the fieldwork to identify and understand the operation of barriers to and drivers of successful investment in Roma inclusion and the FRA opinions stemming from them.

FRA publications 2018 (14.12.2018)

OtherDecember2018A summary of all FRA reports published in 2018.