The Covid-19 pandemic and Fundamental Rights

The Human Rights Centre (HRC) has launched a thematic website on the coronavirus pandemic and its impacts on fundamental and human rights.

On the website, you can find links and materials on such matters as the decision-making of authorities, legislative amendments, fundamental rights and the possibilities of restricting them. 

The website also contains information on the rights of the elderly and persons with disabilities as well as links to general information in finnish sign language, easy language and Sámi languages.

To the website

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Human Rights Delegation: The right to inclusive education must be guaranteed for children with disabilities

There is no comprehensive understanding of the legal basis of inclusive education, its content and its binding nature in Finland. This situation puts the right of children with disabilities to inclusive education at risk.

Press freedom must not be taken for granted – World Press Freedom Day is celebrated on 3 May

The World Press Freedom Day on 3 May reminds us about how important free media is for democracy and the rule of law. According to the World Press Freedom Index, the situation has deteriorated alarmingly in different parts of the world – including Europe. Free media should not be taken for granted anywhere.

Human Rights Delegation: teachers’ human rights competence needs to be strengthened

Human rights are not a compulsory subject in the Finnish teacher education, even though human rights are included in national curricula. Teachers' human rights skills must be strengthened without delay according to the objectives of the current Government Programme.

Statements and Submissions

HRC submits its report to UN Committee against Torture

Submission is the first part of the simplified reporting procedure on the implementation of the Convention against Torture.

HRC submitted report the implementation of the Istanbul Convention

The HRC submitted its report to the GREVIO on the implementation of the CoE Istanbul Convention