Baseline study on Human Rights Education (2014)

The Human Rights Centre published a National Baseline Study on Human Rights Education in Finland in 2014. It provided an an extensice overview of human rights education in the education sector concerned through examining how the elements of the UN's definition of human rights education, i.e. values, norms, mechanisms, enabling environment and the objective of empowerment,have been taken into account in the education provided in the sector concerned. It also provided several recommendations for improvement.

Each section in the Study included an overview of the legislation and other binding national instruments applicable to the field (e.g. core curricula) and examined the content of human rights teaching in the education sector concerned. The sections also assessed the professional competences of teachers, trainers and educators for human rights education. Evaluating the quality or effectiveness of teaching was not included in the Study.

The study and general recommendations were used by the Finnish Government in drafting the National Action Plan for Human Rights and Fundamental Rights (2017-2019) with the human rights education as one of its' four major themes.