Report on human rights foresight, resilience and preparedness during transformations in society

Human Rights Centre’s publications 4/2023

The Human Rights Centre's report on human rights foresight maps the field of human rights foresight and provides tools to develop human rights actors' capacity for foresight and flexibility for change. The foresight study also outlines different human rights scenarios for the year 2040 and assesses the impact of megatrends on human rights regulation. The report focuses especially on the Finnish situation, but also has international dimensions. The report was published originally in Finnish in November 2023.


Human rights and equality institutions in Europe: Balance between centralisation and fragmentation?

Human Rights Centre’s publications 2/2022

Backround paper.


Fundamental and Human Rights Actors in Finland

Human Rights Centre’s publications 2/2021


Realisation of fundamental and human rights in Finland – observations from 2019

Human Rights Centre’s publications 1/2021