Ihmisoikeuskeskus / Människorättscentret / Human Rights Centre

Postal Address
Finnish Human Rights Centre
FI–00102 Eduskunta, Helsinki, Finland

Telephone +358-(0)9-4321 (Parliament’s switchboard)



The centre does not handle complaints or other individual cases.


Read more about the tasks of the Centre here.

Personnel at the Human Rights Centre



Sirpa Rautio,

- Director of the Human Rights Centre

- Chair of the Human Rights Delegation

- Chair of the FRA Management Board

- Member of the Board of ENNHRI, GANHRI



Sanna Ahola

- Rights of Older Persons 

Mikko Joronen

- Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Kristiina Kouros - in work exchange at the Parliamentary Ombudsman's office 1 June-31 December 2019

Leena Leikas

- Monitoring, Secretary of the Human Rights Delegation

Susan Villa 

- Rights of Older Persons

- Business and Human Rights

- Communications and advocacy




Katariina Huhta