Primarily our invoices will be submitted electronically via central government e-invoicing service operator OpusCapita.


Our e-invoicing details are:

Electronic invoicing address: 003702459771
Operator ID: OpusCapita Solutions Oy
Operator code: E204503
VAT NUMBER: FI02459771

The value-added-tax number of Parliament of Finland (FI02459771) must be included in the invoice as well as the value-added-tax number of the supplier.

If your organisation does not yet have an e-invoicing system, you can use the Finnish Government's Basware e-invoicing service (Supplier Portal) to produce an send e-invoices. This service is currently offered free of charge. To log on to the service and to find out more about using it, please visit

You can also use the e-invoicing service to submit attachments to invoices in the electronic format. We recommend that you use te pdf format for such attachments.

Traditional invoicing

Invoicing address for traditional invoices:

Human Rights Centre
PO BOX 8011