Monitoring and Follow-up

What does monitoring mean?

Monitoring means

  • collecting information on the implementation of fundamental and human rights

  • maintaining up-to-date situational awareness on the implementation.

What we do with the monitoring information?

  • The information collected is used to develop and target various measures to promote the implementation of rights.

  • Monitoring and its results help determine how the rights of different persons and groups are respected formally and in practice.

Human Rights Centre's priorities in monitoring in 2018

  • The HRC will pay special attention to themes or rights that are not promoted or monitored by a special delegate or other overseer.

    • In particular, the HRC will monitor the realisation of the rights of people in a vulnerable position, including immigrants, asylum seekers and sexual and gender minorities and will also investigate them on its own initiative, if deemed necessary.

    • In the monitoring, efforts will be made to pay attention to discrimination on multiple grounds.

  • The centre will monitor the implementation of the National Action Plan on Fundamental and Human Rights as an independent expert of the fundamental and human rights network with regard to chosen themes. In particular, the HRC will monitor the realisation of the fundamental and human rights education and training.

    • Important themes remaining outside the National Action Plan, such as the reform of the Act on legal recognition of the gender of transsexuals, will be monitored.

  • Violence against women is a topical theme in 2018 (periodic reports for the Istanbul Convention and the CEDAW are due in 2018).

  • The rights, including linguistic rights, of indigenous people and minorities are topical themes from the point of view of both the international monitoring of conventions and the legislative projects in Finland.

  • Between 2018 and 2019, the HRC will, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, implement a national fundamental rights barometer to explore the level of general awareness of fundamental rights in Finland, views on how important different rights are and experiences on how they are realised in everyday life.