European Court of Human Rights published its annual report and statistics 2020

Feb 1, 2021

Total of 35 cases pending against Finland in the beginning of 2021.

Read the Annual Report 2020 (en). Report also includes a summary of the most interesting cases in 2020 (Chapter 2, page 33 onwards).


General statistics

In 2019 41,700 applications were allocated to a judicial formation, an overall decrease of 6% compared with 2019 (44,500). 26,800 of these were identified as Single-Judge cases likely to be declared inadmissible (an increase of 10% in relation to 2019). Single judge applications continue to be processed as soon as they are identified as qualifying for such a procedure. 14,900 applications were identified as probable Chamber or Committee cases (an increase of 1%).

39,190 applications were disposed of judicially, a decrease of 4% in relation to 2019 (40,667). The number of cases allocated were 2,500 cases more than those disposed of. As a result, the stock of allocated applications pending before the Court increased, being 62 000 at the end of the year (as compared to 59,800 at the end of 2019).

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Applications against Finland

  • 120 new applications against Finland were allocated to judicial formation in 2020 (133 in 2019).
  • 103 applications against Finland were declared inadmissible or struck out (131 in 2019).
  • Applications pending against Finland in the end of 2020 total to 35.
  • 5 applications were communicated to Government in 2019 (4 in 2019).
  • In 2020 a total of 15 interim measures under Rule 39 were requested against Finland (22 in 2019). Two were granted (return to Iraq).
  • Judgment was given in one case in 2020:


Statistics in history

Between 1990 and 2020 Finland has received 191 judgments. Most of these concern Article 6 of the ECHR, either length of the proceedings (62) or other requirements of a fair trial (37).

  • 142 judgments included at least one violation.
  • 36 judgments did not include violations.
  • 9 cases were solved with a friendly settlement.
  • 4 cases were finalised in other ways (just satisfaction, revision, preliminary objections and lack of jurisdiction).

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