The new Human Rights Delegation of the Human Rights Centre has started its work


The Human Rights Delegation appointed by the Parliamentary Ombudsman in March 2020 (term of office 2020-2024) held its first meeting today.

On Wednesday, the 38 members of the new Human Rights Delegation started their work through an online meeting. The new Delegation has extensive expertise on fundamental and human rights issues, including the rule of law, the rights of persons with disabilities, the rights of the elderly, social rights, business and human rights, fundamental and human rights issues related to technology, climate change, minority rights and inclusion and participation.

The meeting discussed themes and working methods of the Delegation based on a questionnaire that the members had responded to and considered which themes it would deal during its term of office. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the realization of fundamental and human rights were particularly highlighted in the responses. The rights of the elderly and the rights of persons with disabilities will also play an important role in the Delegation's work in the future. The actual work programme will be adopted at the Delegation’s meeting in September.

Esa Iivonen, who is leading expert in the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, was elected as a Vice-chairman of the Delegation. Iivonen was also a member of the Delegation during the 2016-2020 term. The Chair of the Delegation is Sirpa Rautio as the Director of the Human Rights Centre.

Members were also elected for the Working Division, the Disability Rights Committee (VIOK) and a new division that focuses on the rights of aging. Their task is to prepare matters for the Delegation in support of the Human Rights Centre.

Further information:

Sirpa Rautio, Director of the Human Rights Centre, 09 4321 (Parliament switchboard)


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