UN - CERD - follow up on implementation of 2017 recommendations


UN's CERD-committee noted progress in the implementation on its latest recommendations but found efforts are needed for several issues.

Finland received recommendations (CERD/C/FIN/CO/23) from UN’s CERD-committee in June 2017.

The Committee requested follow-up information by May 2018 with regard recommendations no. 19 (issues related to sami languages) and no. 25 (issues related to asylum and refugee processes).

In its letter 30 August 2018 the Committee

  • encourages Finland to continue improving education in sami languages and outside the sami homeland
  • requests information on the acces to health and social services in sami languages
  • requests information non-refoulement applications
  • requests information on the existing health services for undocumented migrants
  • requests information on the shortcomings identified and remedied by the national reception system monitoring and assessment program

The next periodic report is due in August 2021.


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