CoE: Venice Commission Rule of law Checklist translated into Finnish


The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has published a Finnish translation of the Rule of Law Checklist by the Venice Commission

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has published a Finnish translation of the European Commission for Democracy through Law’s (Venice Commission) Rule of Law Checklist.

The Checklist is intended to serve as a comprehensive tool for evaluating the member states’ adherence to the rule of law, and it was adopted in the 106th Plenary Session of the Venice Commission in 2016.

The Venice Commission, established n 1990, is an advisory body to the Council of Europe and it is composed of independent experts. Its primary tools are reports and opinions that can be requested by the member states or the institutions of the Council of Europe. It can also issue reports and opinions independently. The Commission provides legal advice for its member states for reforming their constitutions and legislation, and organizes training and seminars about issues related to the rule of law.

The Venice Commission has recently published a statement on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its establishment. In addition to many accomplishments, such as participating in the preparation of constitutions in new European democracies, contributing to the establishment of constitutional courts and developing standards for the holding of democratic elections, many challenges still exist.

Moreover, the Venice Commission has published in April 2020 a compilation of its opinions and reports on states of emergency, which is relevant to the member states due to the covid-19-pandemic. The compilation includes extracts taken from the Commission’s reports on states of emergency and emergency powers in addition to country-specific opinions on relevant constitutional provisions and emergency laws.


Finnish translation on the Rule of Law Checklist (in Finnish, attached):


Rule of Law Checklist (in English):


Statement on the 30th anniversary of the Venice Commission (in English):


Compilation of reports on states of emergency (in English):